Alphabetical Policy Listing

1099 Tax Reporting (PDF)

Acceptable Use Policy for Computing Systems and Services (PDF)

Accounts Payable Payment Method (PDF)

Acquisition of Computer Hardware & Software (PDF)

Adverse Weather (PDF)

Advertising Placement (PDF)

Animal Care and Use (PDF)

Anti-Money Laundering (PDF)

Application and System Access (PDF)

Audit Notification (PDF)

Award Management and Closeout (PDF)

Background Screening (PDF)

Barring People from Campus (PDF)

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control (PDF)

Categorization of External Funding (PDF)

Check Replacement and Cancellation (PDF)

Chemical Hygiene and Communication (PDF)

Classified Research (PDF)

Closed Circuit Television Monitoring and Recording of Public Spaces (PDF)

Collection of Student Address Information (PDF)

Commercial Advertising (PDF)

Commercial Invoice Processing (PDF)

Compliance with Laws when Conducting University Activities Overseas (PDF)

Conflict of Interest for Non-Faculty Employees (PDF)

Conflict of Interest Records Entry (PDF)

Conflicts of Interest & Commitment for Faculty and Investigators (PDF)

Contractor Safety (PDF)

Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) (PDF)

Copyright (PDF)

Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects (PDF)

Cost Transfers on Sponsored Agreements (PDF)

Debarment and Suspension (PDF)

Demonstrations (PDF)

Departmental Returned Checks (PDF)

Deposit of Checks, Cash, and Credit Card Receipts (PDF)

Direct Charging of Administrative Costs Associated With Sponsored Projects (PDF)

Disabilities (PDF)

Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (PDF)

Disbursements by Cashier's Check (PDF)

Disbursements in non-U.S. Currency (PDF)

Disruption of University Functions (PDF)

Effort Reporting (PDF)

Electronic Equipment Recycling (PDF)

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) (PDF)

Eligibility for Employment-Based Sponsorship of Foreign Nationals for Temporary and Permanent Work Authorization (PDF)

Emergency Procurement Policy (PDF)

Employee Record Termination (PDF)

Engine Idling (PDF)

Ergonomics (PDF)

Establishment of Departmental Funds (PDF)

Export Control (PDF)

Federally-Debarred Suppliers (PDF)

Financial Management Responsibility (PDF)

Financial Transactions Adjustment (PDF)

Fire Prevention (PDF)

Firearms and Weapons (PDF)

Fixed Asset Management (PDF)

Flexible Work Arrangements (PDF)

Flying Flags at Half Staff (PDF)

Foreign Gifts and Contracts Disclosure (PDF)

General Ledger Charts of Accounts Maintenance (PDF)

General Safety (PDF)

Gift Acceptance (PDF)

Gift Processing (PDF)

GW E-Mail (PDF)

GW NetID: Individual Accounts Policy (PDF)

GW Web Content (PDF)

GWorld Card Policy (PDF)

Hazard Communication (PDF)

Hazardous Waste Management (PDF)

Health Information Privacy Policy (PDF)

Health Information Privacy Procedures for School of Medicine and Health Sciences Development and Alumni Relations Activities (PDF)

Honorarium Payment (PDF)

Identification and Treatment of Unallowable Costs (PDF)

Immunization (PDF)

Information Security (PDF)

Internal Questionnaire Administration (PDF)

International Travel Approval (PDF)

International Travel Insurance (PDF)

Joint Venture Policy (PDF)

Key Control (PDF)

Laptop Computer and Small Electronics Theft (PDF)

Laser Safety (PDF)

Lead-Based Paint (PDF)

Legal Representation of Faculty and Staff (PDF)

Major Procurement Review and Authorization (PDF)

Managing Program Income Generated on Sponsored Projects (PDF)

Media (PDF)

Mercury, Asbestos, and Lead-Based Materials (PDF)

Mold (PDF)

Nepotism in Employment (PDF)

Non-Retaliation (PDF)

On-Campus Parking Restrictions (PDF)

Opening Bank Accounts (PDF)

Patents and Scholarly Works (PDF)

Payment Card Acceptance and Data Security Policy (PDF)

Payroll Time Reporting (PDF)

Permit-Required Confined Space (PDF)

Personal Information and Privacy Policy (PDF)

Personal Protective Equipment (PDF)

Personal Purchases (PDF)

Personal Use of University Resources (PDF)

Petty Cash (PDF)

Policy and Procedures Regarding Allegations of Research Misconduct (PDF)

Policy Development and Publication (PDF)

Policy for Compliance Regarding Select Agents and Pathogens (PDF)

Policy on Prohibited Relationships with Students (PDF)

Policy Regarding Treatment of Human Research Subjects (PDF)

Policy Regarding Use of Recombinant DNA (rDNA) (PDF)

Political Activity (PDF)

Power Tool Safety (PDF)

Privacy of Student Records (FERPA) (PDF)

Procurement (PDF)

Procurement Card (P-Card) (PDF)

Protection of Minors (PDF)

Public Access to NIH-Funded Publications (PDF)

Receipt and Return of Goods (PDF)

Records Management (PDF)

Recycling (PDF)

Religious Accommodation (PDF)

Repayment of Overpaid Wages (PDF)

Reporting Financial Irregularities (PDF)

Respiratory Protection (PDF)

Sales Tax Collection, Reporting and Remittance (PDF)

Service Centers and Recharge Centers Charging Sponsored Projects (PDF)

Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment (PDF)

Signing of Contracts and Agreements (PDF)

Sleeping in Public Areas of University Owned, Controlled or Leased Property (PDF)

Smoke Free (PDF)

Social Media (PDF)

Social Security Number and GWID Usage (PDF)

Standardization Goods, Equipment & Services Purchasing (PDF)

Student Accounts Past Due Balances (PDF)

Student Tuition Refund (PDF)

Subrecipient Monitoring (PDF)

Supplier Registration Policy (PDF)

Surplus University Property (PDF)

Taxation of Gifts, Prizes and Awards to Employees (PDF)

Telephone/Wireless Communication Usage (PDF)

Temporary Employment (PDF)

The George Washington University Name, Logo, Seal, and Color Usage  (PDF)

Third Party Billing (PDF)

Threats and Acts of Violence (PDF)

Travel, Entertainment & Business Expense Reimbursement (PDF)

Unclaimed Property (PDF)

University Licensing and Trademark Policy (PDF)

University Policy on Equal Opportunity (PDF)

Unrelated Business Income Tax (PDF)

Use of Federal Funds to Influence a Federal Award (PDF)

Use of Radioactive Materials (PDF)

Vehicle Safety (PDF)

Welding, Cutting and Brazing Safety (Hot Work) (PDF)

Worker Classification and Payment (PDF)

Worker's Compensation (PDF)