Conflict of Interest Policies

NEW Conflict of Interest Policy

In fall 2023, after review and approval by key university stakeholders including the Faculty Senate's Professional Ethics and Academic Freedom Committee, the Board of Trustees approved the new Policy on Outside Interests, Relationships, and Professional Activities . Previously, the university had four unique population-specific conflict of interest and conflict of commitment policies. The Policy on Outside Interests, Relationships, and Professional Activities combined the population-specific policies, establishing general principles that apply to all GW Employees with subsequent role-specific addendums that outline expectations and requirements specific to university role. The only population-specific policy remaining is the Trustee Conflicts of Interest Policy due to the unique relationship of a Trustee to the university.

The new policy uses modernized language related to conflict of interest best practices, considers the DC Non-Compete and Anti-Moonlighting Law, provides more clear expectations and responsibilities, and simplifies language making it easier for employees to understand expectations. The policy also provides a necessary update in language as a result of enhanced scrutiny of outside interests by the federal government and serves as a single reference to conflict of interest and commitment related policies.

The university and GW Employees have a shared interest in assuring the institutional integrity of the university as well as the personal and professional integrity of individuals. As such, the policy establishes expectations and mechanisms for identifying and addressing actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment that pertain to conducting academic, research, and administrative activities in a fair and unbiased manner.