Collection of Student Address Information


Policy Summary

It is the university's policy to collect accurate current local address information on GW students as ordered by the Zoning Commission of the District of Columbia.   

Reasons for the Policy 

To collect accurate current local addresses information of GW students as required by the DC Zoning Commission. 

Who is Governed by this Policy

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Faculty


As ordered by the District of Columbia Zoning Commission, the university hereby adopts the following policies for the purpose of collecting more accurate information on the current local addresses of GW students:  

  1. Current Local Address Information: Each undergraduate student at the university is required to report and update as necessary his or her "current local address." For purposes of this policy, "current local address" will mean the address at which the student, including students who commute, resides during the week while attending classes at the university.  
  2. Failure to Report: Failure to report a current local address accurately to GW or failure to advise GW promptly of a change in current local address will constitute a violation of this Policy and may result in the encumbrance of further registration.  
  3. Implementation: In order to implement the collection of current local address information, the following procedures are hereby adopted:  
    1. Solicitation of Address Information: Each Fall semester, undergraduates who are not living in university residence halls and not studying abroad will be required to provide a current local address. Students will be notified that they must update or confirm their current local address in the GWeb Information System.  A pop-up screen soliciting address information will block student access to GWeb until data is entered in the current local address field. Students will be advised that the information will be audited and that if it is determined that a student has entered an address beyond the D.C. Metropolitan Area, a P.O. Box, a residence hall address or an address in care of another person, an encumbrance may be placed on further registration. If it is determined that a student has intentionally entered an inaccurate address, disciplinary action may be initiated.

      Each Fall semester, prior to on-line registration for the following semester, undergraduate students who are not living in university residence halls and not studying abroad will be required to provide a current local address. Students will be allowed to proceed with registration after they have provided a current local address. Students will be reminded of the penalty for failure to provide current and accurate information.
    2. "D.C. Metropolitan Area Zip Codes": Only those zip codes within the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (approximately 75 miles from the Foggy Bottom Campus) will be accepted as current local address zip codes, unless specifically authorized by the university. 
    3. Audit of Addresses: The university will compare the current local address zip codes of all full-time undergraduate students not residing in university residence halls and not living abroad against the D.C. Metro Area Zip Codes to determine whether an address is outside the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.

      Any full-time student who provides an address outside the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area will be notified and asked to provide a current and accurate address. Any full-time student who fails to comply with or respond to the request for a current and accurate address may have an encumbrance placed on his or her record, blocking further registration until such time as he or she provides correct information. Any student who intentionally provides a false current local address will be referred to the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities.   
    4. Reporting of Addresses to the District and Others: In light of legal constraints and privacy concerns, specific student addresses will not be made available by the university to government or other non-university entities or individuals. Rather, to the extent permitted by law, the aggregate number of full-time students living in each zip code in the Foggy Bottom/West End Area will be provided as required by Zoning Commission Order dated October 26, 2007. 
    5. Notification of Policy/Other Efforts: The university will take reasonable steps to make students aware of this new policy. Such efforts may include notification on the GW Portal, informational e-mail messages, and inclusion in the Student Planner and other publications. The university may also elect to use other mechanisms to collect and/or verify addresses from time to time.  


Current Local Address: The address at which the student, including students who commute, resides during the week while attending classes at the university.  

D.C. Metropolitan Area: As defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, Consolidated Zip Codes Metropolitan Statistical Area, approximately 75 miles from  the Foggy Bottom Campus. 

Related Information

District of Columbia Office of Zoning


Contact Phone Number Email Address
Office of the Registrar 202-994-4900 [email protected]


Responsible University Official: Vice Provost of Enrollment and Student Success
Responsible Office: Office of the Registrar

Last Reviewed: July 1, 2021


Non-compliance with this policy can be reported through this website.