Advertising Placement

Policy Summary

All departments  that  purchase advertisements  in  any  format,  including  print, television, radio, out-of-home, digital banners, search engine marketing and social media, are required to place those ads through University Advertising. The only ads  that  do  not  require  purchase  through  University  Advertising  are  certain employment ads and ads paid for by a third party. The creative design and content for ads paid for by a third party must be reviewed by University Advertising before publication or broadcast by the third-party to ensure adherence to brand standards and guidelines. 

The purpose of this policy is to promote the greatest cost savings and consistency of image for the university, avoid duplication of advertising efforts, and provide a central checkpoint through the Office of Communications and Marketing for advertising using the university’s name. 

Who is Governed by this Policy 

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Faculty


A. University Advertising  

University Advertising is the university’s internal advertising agency responsible for promoting the university and its programs locally, nationally and internationally, and serves  as  the  central  office  for  purchasing  and  coordinating  advertising  for  the university. The office’s goal is to assist the university community in presenting an effective and unified message. University Advertising will assist with all aspects of a department’s advertising campaign. Services provided include: 

  1. Volume discounts/lowest negotiated rates 
  2. Ad campaign consultation and media planning 
  3. Coordination with a central agency of record for digital advertising 
  4. Space reservations with the various media outlets 
  5. Verification of ad placement 
  6. Centralized payment services 

B. Advertising Requiring Purchase Through University Advertising 

The following types of advertising must be purchased through University Advertising:  

  1. Advertising for the George Washington University as an institution 
  2. Advertisements recruiting applicants for a school or degree program 
  3. Classified advertisements for positions at the level of director or above 
  4. Promotions for open houses or information sessions  
  5. Advertisements seeking participants for a research study 
  6. Advertisements  related  to  the  promotion  of  academic  and  non-academic events and programs, including athletics, career services, Lisner Auditorium, etc. 

Before placing an advertisement, University Advertising staff will send the department an advertisement proposal for approval.  Once an advertisement is approved, University Advertising will coordinate with the party developing the creative content and design, place the advertisement, handle placement essentials (such as ad positioning and appearance, or obtaining extra copies if requested) and process and record all invoice billings upon completion.  University Advertising will purchase advertising for the following formats: print, television, radio, out-of-home, digital banners, search engine marketing and social media.   

Departments will be charged a commission for services provided by the external agency of record. The commission percentage will be set at the start of each fiscal year and communicated to schools and units.

If media sales representatives contact departments regarding matters pertaining to advertising in any of these areas (including matters such as placement of ads or invoicing), please direct these calls to University Advertising. 

C. Coordination of Employment-Related Advertising  

Classified  advertisements  announce  job  or  employment  vacancies,  whether  for faculty,  staff  or  researcher  positions. Purchases  of  classified  advertisements  are made as follows: 

  1. University  non-faculty  positions  at  the  level  of  director  or  above  must  be purchased through University Advertising. 
  2. University  non-faculty  positions  below  the  level   of  director  should  be coordinated through University Human Resources.   
  3. University faculty positions should be coordinated through Faculty Recruitment and Personnel Relations.  
  4. University researcher  positions should be coordinated through the Equal Employment Opportunity Office. 

Upon request,  University  Advertising  will  work  with  the  departments  set  forth  in points 2, 3, and 4 above in coordinating purchase of classified advertisements. 

D. Ads Paid for by a Third Party 

Advertisements paid for by a third party must be submitted to University Advertising before they are published or broadcast by the third party. University Advertising will review these ads to ensure they adhere to university brand standards and guidelines. 

E. All Other Advertising 

University departments with advertising needs or questions not specifically addressed in this policy are encouraged to contact University Advertising for advice and/or assistance. University Advertising is available at 202-994-6460. 

Related Information


Contact Phone Number Email Address
University Advertising 202-994-6467  [email protected]


Responsible University Official: Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Responsible Office: Communications and Marketing

Noncompliance with this policy can be reported through this website.