Conflict of Interest

The Conflict of Interest program and related policies require specified staff and faculty members periodically to report non-university activities and interests that could create conflicting loyalties, commitments, or responsibilities, or have the potential to create the appearance of conflicting loyalties, commitments, or responsibilities. Some of these activities could affect or appear to affect the staff member's independent, unbiased judgment when making decisions on behalf of the university. The conflict of interest questionnaires assist in the implementation of these policies. 

The object of this reporting is to assist the university in determining that any outside activities and interests relating to entities outside the George Washington University are properly disclosed and managed and compatible with your university employment. The questionnaire also includes the annual certifications required by the university's Debarment and Suspension Policy. After reviewing the questionnaire, the Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Privacy may seek clarification or additional information from you. Policy information and guidance for completing the questionnaire are contained in the links below.  

If at any time, you experience a situation which could create a conflict of interest or the appearance of one, it should be reported to the Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Privacy at [email protected].

Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policies

Faculty and Investigators should refer to the Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment for Faculty and Investigators which is managed through Faculty Affairs.  
Non-Faculty should refer to the Conflict of Interest for Non-Faculty Employees
In addition to the Conflict of Interest for Non-Faculty Employees policy, Executives should refer to the Policy on Outside Professional Activities for Executives
All employees should refer to the Conflict of Interest Records Entry Policy

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