Policy Summary

All engagements with media representatives on behalf of the George Washington University are to be coordinated by the Office of Media Relations in order to promote and protect the public image of the university, build openness and accountability, and respect the media's legitimate and useful role.  This policy provides guidance on official media roles within the university and on working with traditional and social media outlets.   

This policy defines how the university should engage with the media to effectively showcase the university’s academic, research and service strengths to enable the university to speak with a single voice on all matters pertaining to its operations and values.  

For additional guidance contact the Office of Media Relations.   

Who is Governed by this Policy 

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Faculty


The university strives to engage the media in an honest and collaborative manner to build the university's image and reputation and disseminate accurate information in a timely manner. To achieve these goals, the university limits those who can speak on its behalf.   

  • The Office of Media Relations should be notified about all media inquiries.  
  • All university press releases, media notices, media outreach and advisories must be coordinated and approved by the Office of Media Relations.  
  • Faculty and staff are encouraged to share their scholarship, news and expertise with the media.  This can best be accomplished by coordinating with the Office of Media Relations. Once made aware of a faculty member’s or staff person’s desire to share expertise, the Office of Media Relations will contact him/her to coordinate statements and activities. 
  • Only the President, the Vice President for Communications and Marketing, the Associate Vice President for Communications, and the Director of Media Relations or their designees are authorized to speak or communicate on behalf of the university.  Other faculty, staff or administrators shall not represent themselves as speaking for the university unless authorized to do so by the Office of Media Relations. 
  • A faculty or staff member shall not attribute his or her personal views as those of the university, unless authorized by the Office of Media Relations to do so.   
  • Members of the media (e.g. NBC-TV 4, The Washington Post, WTOP Radio) must be accompanied by an Office of Media Relations staff member at all locations on campus.  Sidewalks are public property and media presence there does not require an escort, but the presence of an Office of Media Relations staff member is preferable.    
  • The university grants approval on a very limited basis for commercial filming and photography. Prior approval from the Office of Media Relations is required. Email [email protected] to request the film proposal request form.  

A Guide to Practical Application of the George Washington University’s Media Policy is available online. 

Related Information


Contact Phone Number Email Address
Office of Media Relations 202-994-6460  [email protected]


Responsible University Official: Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Responsible Office: Communications and Marketing

Noncompliance with this policy can be reported through this website.