All members of the university community are individually responsible for compliance with laws, regulations, and policies. Along with individual responsibility for compliance, operational areas are responsible for implementing a compliance program to meet laws, regulations, and policy requirements specific to their area. The Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Risk has oversight and monitoring responsibilities of the operational compliance units to ensure program effectiveness and risk mitigation in consideration of compliance responsibilities and best practices.

The following initiatives set out to meet our oversight and monitoring responsibilities and to best support our compliance colleagues across the university:

Regulatory Risk Tracker: This internal document aims to track the university's regulatory responsibilities, the controls in place to meet compliance requirements, and an assessment of compliance risk for each regulation.

Operational Compliance Assessments: Annually, operational compliance units are asked to complete a self-assessment, reflecting on the compliance program specific to their area, strengths, and gaps, as well as assess the overall maturity of their program. The information gathered through this effort is used to identify and monitor gaps or risks to closure as well as areas for support.                 

University Compliance Network (UCN): Under the leadership of the Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Risk, the UCN serves as the mechanism to bring together operational owners of compliance functions to collaboratively work together to ensure coordination of compliance activities across the institution.

Additional key elements of our compliance program include policy management and the university's reporting hotline for allegations of unethical conduct and/or noncompliance with laws, regulations, or university policies.