University Policy Principles

The following principles outline the purpose and standards of university policies.

Broad Applicability

University policies have broad application throughout the university. They do not impact one singular unit but rather apply broadly to members of the university community such as staff, faculty, or students.

Clear and Concise

A university policy is written in a way such that it is clear and easily understood by members of the community so that they may make informed, timely decisions.

Enhance Operational Efficiencies and Continuity

University policies help the institution operate efficiently and consistently. They allow staff to initiate actions and take responsibility and empowering members of the community to make decisions quickly while achieving rational outcomes. University policies also provide a basis for institutional continuity over time and through personnel changes.

Establish Accountability

University policies may establish behavioral expectations for members of the community to which they are held accountable to. University policies may be a source of reference for individuals to review and see if they are meeting those expectations.

Reduce Risk

University policies may support compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, a relevant, properly implemented and executed university policy can reduce the risk of harm to the individual or university.


University policies specify course of action for policy violations so that members of the community understand consequences if established expectations are not met.

Routinely Reviewed

The university routinely engages in a review of university policies. The following are key dates tracked and visible to the community: Last Reviewed Date - the last date that the policy was reviewed to ensure accuracy with expectations, operations, laws and regulations, as appropriate. Policies may have minor or material changes as a result of the review. If during the review the policy is materially changes, the last revised date will be indicated; Last Revised Date - the last date that the policy was materially changes. Technical changes, such as updating broken links, will be made as needed in between review periods. Additionally, some university policies driven by law and regulation may also require an effective date indicating the date that the policy became active or "in force". Those policies will be marked as appropriate. The Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Privacy will internally maintain the full review and revision history for each university policy.


If you are interested in developing a university policy please contact the Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Privacy at [email protected] for additional information. Please note that a university policy must fall within the jurisdiction of a university office.