Policy Statement

The purchase of goods and services from external sources on the university’s behalf shall be based on sound business practice, best value, accountability, and compliance with sponsor, donor and regulatory requirements, as appropriate.  All procurements of goods and services shall contain sufficient supporting documentation to justify the supplier selection, the competitive process, and the price charged to the university. The Procurement and Travel Services Department (“Procurement”) has general responsibility for the university’s procurement system.  Further, individuals are expected to follow the principles of this policy as well as the applicable procedures and guidelines as set forth in the university’s Procurement Manual and Contract Process Guide.   

Reason for Policy 

This policy establishes the fundamental requirements of the university’s procurement system that shall guide the responsible expenditure of university funds. The Procurement and Travel Services Department is considered the authority at the university for the acquisition of goods and services from external sources.  Individuals within the university community are also expected to act as stewards of university funds when making purchases.  Responsible expenditure of university funds requires the proper consideration of price, quality, and reliability, as well as appropriate service and delivery terms, and compliance with donor and sponsor requirements. 

Who is Governed by this Policy

  • Staff
  • Faculty


The Procurement and Travel Services Department is responsible for the acquisition of goods and services on behalf of the university departments and schools, as well as for Sponsored Activities. Individuals within the university community are expected to follow the principles set forth in this policy when making purchasing decisions.    

Procurement oversees commercial relationships between the university and its suppliers.  In the absence of an existing agreement for the provision of a good or service, a procurement shall be made in accordance with applicable university procurement procedures and guidelines as set forth in the Procurement Manual and Contract Process Guide.  All major procurements of goods and services will be subject to the Major Procurement Review and Authorization Policy. Major procurements are defined as any single procurement of goods and services of $10,000,000 or greater. 

It is the goal of the university to obtain goods and services at the best value for the university and that meet or exceed the department or school’s specifications.  In conforming to this policy, price, quality, and reliability, must be taken into account.  The decision process should also consider the capability, the capacity, and the historical performance of a supplier. Appropriate service and delivery terms must be developed for each procurement, and competitive processes for obtaining a procurement will be exercised whenever possible and practical.  The university shall also procure goods and services for all Sponsored Activities in accordance with sponsor guidelines, federal circulars, and applicable federal regulations.  


Sponsored Activity: A research application or proposal for grants or contracts that meet the criteria requiring coordination through the Office of the Vice President for Research per the sponsored activities definition. 

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Contact Phone Number Email Address
Procurement 202-994-2500  [email protected]
Office of Vice President for Research 202-994-6255  [email protected]

Responsible University Official: Executive Director, Procurement and Travel Services
Responsible Office: Procurement and Travel Services

Last Reviewed: May 22, 2015


Non-compliance with this policy can be reported through this website.