Flexible Work Arrangements


Policy Statement

The university permits the use of flexible work arrangements when such arrangements are pre-approved, assist in meeting operational needs and/or requirements, and maintain a high level of service for university constituents.  There may also be times when a department’s needs require that certain positions follow flexible work arrangements. 

Reason for Policy 

This policy is intended to establish some flexibility in university work arrangements when operational and employee conditions are suitable.  For employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, please consult with Human Resources Client Services department for additional guidance. 

Who is Governed by this Policy 

  • Staff
  • Faculty


When a staff member, his or her supervisor, and the appropriate assistant vice president, associate vice provost, or vice president all agree that a flexible work arrangement is appropriate, a written agreement between the university and the employee must be completed setting forth the specifics of the flexible work arrangement.  Human Resources, in consultation with the employee and his or her immediate supervisor, will assist in finalizing the appropriate agreement and verifying that all necessary approvals have been obtained. A flexible work arrangement may be revoked at any time, and for any reason, by the university.  


Adjusted Meal Period: An arrangement that allows a full-time staff member to extend his or her meal period up to a maximum of two hours, but still work a full day. 

Alternative Work Schedules: Different approaches to a full time traditional work-week, such as: Flex Time, Adjusted Meal Period, Compressed Work Week, and Compressed Two Week Work Period.  

Compressed Two Week Work Period: An arrangement that permits a full time exempt work staff member to work an 80 hour two week work period during 9 days and have the tenth day off.   

Compressed Work Week: An arrangement that allows full time exempt and non-exempt staff members to work 40 hours in less than five (5) working days.   

Flex Time: An arrangement that allows a full time exempt or non-exempt staff member to work with his or her supervisor to set the work day starting and ending times that may differ from others in the unit; requires that an employee work the core hours identified by the department and, for non-exempt employees, must include a bona fide meal period.   

Flexible Work Arrangement: An arrangement that allows staff members to telecommute or have an Alternative Work Schedule under this policy.    

Telecommuting: An arrangement that allows exempt and non-exempt staff members to work from home or an alternative work site, utilizing telecommunications and computer technology.   


Adjusted Meal Period Request Form   

Compressed Two Week Work Period Request Form 

Compressed Work Week Request Form 

Flex Time Request Form  

Telecommuting Agreement   

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Flexible Work Arrangements


Contact Phone Number Email Address
Human Resources 202-994-8500  [email protected]

Responsible University Official: Vice President, Human Resources
Responsible Office: Human Resources Office

Last Reviewed: April 5, 2015


Non-compliance with this policy can be reported through this website.