Revised International Travel Policy Published

April 5, 2024

In March, the Policy Approval Board approved four policies that were either new to the university or needed revisions. Specifically, The Office of International Programs (OIP) has published a revised International Travel Policy which formalizes elements of the "Interim Policy for International Travel."

The elements include the following:

  • Registration in GW Passport is required for all students traveling internationally and is expected of faculty and staff. The U.S. Department of State and US Centers for Disease Control Advisory Levels are used as a baseline for determining whether a destination is categorized as high-risk and requires a high-risk travel proposal for review/approval prior to travel.
  • Review/approval of travel is made by the relevant Dean or Vice President. OIP serves in an advisory capacity to the Dean/VP with respect to the review of undergraduate student travel to high-risk destinations.
  • Colleges/schools may add review/approval requirements at their discretion.
  • Outlines additional requirements for principal investigators or senior/key personnel in federally-funded research who engage in GW International Travel.

Inquiries related to international travel or the International Travel Policy can be directed to OIP via email at [email protected] or at (202) 994-0470. The International Travel Policy can be found on the Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Risk's website