Information Security

Information Security at GW refers to the tools and technologies that are designed and implemented to protect information from unauthorized access, use, misuse, disclosure, destruction, modification or disruption.

GW's Information Security and Compliance team works closely with the GW community to reduce the risks by:

  • Conducting security risk assessments
  • Classifying data and identifying proper safeguards
  • Connecting resources to protect GW information at risk

Help Protect Our Information

You can do your part to help protect information at GW by following these five steps:

  1. Restrict physical access to your computers and mobile devices (e.g. lock your office door, use security cables or locking devices)
  2. Restrict access to information by not sharing your passwords (passcodes), logging out of systems when finished and deployed role based access to information.
  3. Limit information sharing to those that have a legitimate need to know
  4. Do not download information from the system of record (e.g. downloading to media, uploading to 3rd party storage services, social media, emailing, and printing)
  5. Notify your manager or appropriate university official and the IT Support Center immediately if you suspect information, passwords or other system access mechanisms are lost, stolen or disclosed or suspected of being lost, stolen or disclosed.