Organizational Governance and Administration Policies

Organizational Governance and Administration policies focus on topics related to individual, divisional and university-wide responsibilities with regards to governance and regulatory requirements.  

The intended audience for these policies includes students, faculty and staff.

Ethical Standards

Audit Notification (PDF)

Information must not be provided to any person claiming to be an auditor (whether internal or external) unless the department to be audited or the individual from whom the information is requested has a working relationship with that auditor, or until the auditor’s identity and the propriety of the audit have been confirmed by the Compliance and Privacy Office. In addition, Departments and individuals must report all proposed audits to the Compliance and Privacy Office for the purpose of centralized tracking.

Compliance with Law When Conducting University Activities Overseas (PDF) 

It is the policy of the university to comply with U.S. laws and regulations applicable to the university’s overseas activities, including but not limited to: Negotiating and entering into contracts with foreign entities or individuals; conducting research and attending conferences overseas; offering courses, training, goods or services overseas; establishing academic programs overseas; and co-authoring or co-publishing scholarly articles or journals with faculty at foreign academic and research institutions. This Policy addresses laws related to Anti-Bribery, Economic Sanctions, Participation in Unsanctioned Foreign Boycotts, and Anti-Terrorism. Other university policies applicable to overseas academic activities address export control laws, international travel approval, and international travel insurance coverage (see Related Information, pages 5-6 below). It is also the policy of the university to comply with applicable foreign laws of the host country or countries in which GW activities are to take place.

Conflict of Interest for Non-Faculty Employees (PDF) 

The Board policy for non-faculty employees is that any circumstance that does or may involve a conflict of interest in the conduct of university business, or that may create an appearance of involving such a conflict, shall be reported to the employee’s direct supervisor in writing.

Debarment and Suspension (PDF)

The Board policy for trustees, officers, and management employees is that any suspension, debarment, or charge of criminal activity shall be reported, in writing, to the President.

Flying Flags at Half Staff (PDF) 

University buildings and facilities will fly the United States flag at half staff only in accordance with proclamations of the President of the United States in observance of occasions of national mourning. Only the George Washington University flag may be flown at half staff in observance of the passing of members of the university community. The GW Police Department will coordinate when to fly flags at half staff.

Personal Use of University Resources (PDF) 

The university provides many types of resources and facilities for faculty and staff to undertake activities related to the university’s mission. The university recognizes that occasional unofficial use of certain resources and facilities will occur, and permits such use so long as it is incidental, reasonable, and in accordance with this policy and any other applicable policies.

University Policy Development and Publication (PDF) 

All university policies must be developed, approved and published in accordance with the standards outlined in this policy. Policies not following this standard will not be considered official university policies and will not be published.

Use of Federal Funds to Influence a Federal Award (PDF) 

Federal funds may not be used to influence or attempt to influence any member of the Executive or Legislative branches of federal government (including any agency employee) for the purpose of securing a grant, contract, loan or cooperative agreement or an extension, continuation, renewal, amendment, or modification of any such federal award. Payments for such efforts, including consultant’s fees, may not be charged to a federal award, unless such efforts are covered by an exception stated below.




Privacy Policy Statement (PDF) 

The university is committed to best practices concerning student, patient and employee privacy. The university will safeguard the generation, collection, use, storage, disposal and disclosure of protected personal information.

Social Security Number and GWID Usage (PDF) 

All university departments and units must use the George Washington Identification Number (GWid) as the primary identifier for all university purposes except when use of the Social Security Number (SSN) is required. When use of the SSN is required, departments and units are responsible for instituting practices and procedures to protect the security of SSN data, whether in paper or electronic format.

Health Information Privacy (PDF)

University Components (such as clinics, counseling centers, and other programs or departments that provide health or health-related services) are obligated to protect the privacy of individually identifiable health information in accordance with applicable laws and university privacy policies. All faculty, staff and students who have access to individually identifiable health information in the course of their work-related duties, whether at the university or at an affiliated covered entity, likewise are responsible for knowing and following all university privacy policies, as well as the privacy policies of the respective affiliated covered entity. Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action.

Health Information Privacy Procedures for School of Medicine and Health Sciences Development and Alumni Relations Activities (PDF) 

The George Washington University is committed to implementing the best practices associated with privacy and security of health information to protect students, faculty and staff across the university.

Internal Questionnaire Administration (PDF) 

It is the policy of the university for any person or office, including an auxiliary service office, proposing to administer a questionnaire to GW students, faculty, or staff who are not under his or her purview or who do not work within the person’s office or department to first obtain approval from the Office of Academic Planning and Assessment. Those who utilize faculty, staff, or student contact information for the purposes of a questionnaire are responsible for safeguarding all information and questionnaire results in accordance with applicable information security policies, and must provide a signed statement agreeing to adhere to those policies.