GW NetID Individual Accounts


Policy Summary

A GW NetID account is required to obtain access to certain university systems, and is required for most eligible faculty, staff and students. Use of a NetID account reconfirms adherence to the university’s Acceptable Use Policy for Computing Systems and Services, as well as any other policies and laws governing access to and dissemination of data held by the university.  

Who is Governed by this Policy

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Faculty
  • Alumni
  • University Affiliates


Access to University Systems  

The NetID is the means of providing and controlling appropriate systems access and privileges for individuals having legitimate and verifiable affiliation with the university. A NetID account is required in order to access certain university systems such as Banner, Blackboard, the Enterprise Accounting System, Advance and GWMail. Use of the NetID constitutes consent to the university’s Acceptable Use Policy for Computing Systems and Services, as well as other university policies and laws regarding the use, security and confidentiality of information held by the University.  

Requirement for Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni  

The NetID also is a means of facilitating communication of academic, administrative and emergency information. Accordingly, faculty, staff and students eligible for a NetID must establish one and check regularly any e-mail sent to the associated email account. Exceptions may be made for employees who do not have regular access to computing resources. Additionally, alumni who would like to participate in the GWMail for Alumni Service offering will need to keep their NetID current.  

Obtaining and Maintaining a NetID Account  

All faculty, students (for purposes of this Policy, “students” includes individuals enrolled as students and those who have accepted admission as students and subsequently do attend), staff and alumni may apply for a NetID without sponsorship.  

A university Affiliate (UA) who wishes to request a NetID requires sponsorship by a university vice president, dean or department head. If the UA is requesting an account as a “Friend of the university,” the sponsor must be a university vice president or dean. UAs are subject to the same usage, policy and legal requirements as faculty, staff, students and alumni. Faculty, staff, students, alumni and UAs are eligible for only one NetID. Determination of membership in constituent categories is based on information in Banner.  

Individuals who are members of more than one constituent category will be granted the highest privileges available to each of the constituent categories of which they are a member. An individual must maintain eligibility in a constituent category in order to keep a NetID account.  

For further information regarding NetID standards and procedures contact the IT Support Center.  


NetID: The 3–8-character username associated with an account in the NetID directory, though it is sometimes used to refer to the entire account or directory. For faculty and staff, the NetID will generally be in the form of [email protected]

University Affiliate: An individual with one of the following affiliations with the university:  

1) Affiliate Visiting Scholar (as defined by Academic Affairs and, where appropriate, the International Services Office); 

 2) contractor, consultant, or  

3 temporary worker (currently working directly or indirectly for GW); 3) Friends of the Library;  

4) GW Hospital Staff; and  

5) MFA staff. An individual who does not fall into any of the above affiliate categories may be eligible for a “Friend of the university” account, which requires sponsorship by a university vice president or dean. 


Email Address and Net ID Claim

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Contact Phone Number Email Address
IT Support Center (202) 994-4948  [email protected]

Responsible University Official: Chief Information Officer
Responsible Office: GW Information Technology

Last Reviewed: March 9, 2020


Non-compliance with this policy can be reported through this website.