Data Privacy Day

January 28, 2020

Talk Privacy


Data Privacy Day is celebrated internationally every 28th of January and aims to promote privacy awareness and education.

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, the GW Privacy Office will host several events to celebrate Data Privacy Day. 

This year, the theme of Data Privacy Day is "The Value of Privacy".

Join us for one or more of the events - they are free and open to all.

Don't miss out on prizes, snacks and resources !

Schedule of Events


Venue Event Details

9.00 AM - 12.00 PM                                                                

Gelman Library Lobby Privacy and Data Management  Information Tables                                          

GW Privacy, Information Security and Data Governance will be interacting with the GW Community to raise awareness about privacy, data management and data protection.

1.00 PM -  2.00 PM  




1.00 PM -  2.00 PM  

FREE Webinar

(Individual online participation)



FREE Webinar

(Individual online participation)

Protecting Your Data in the New Decade

by Better Business Bureau


Privacy 2020: Where Have We Been and What's Next?


Learn who, what, why and how your data is being stolen, so you can stop that from happening.

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Learn how challenges in technology and privacy could impact higher education.

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2.30 PM -  3.30 PM   Marvin Center Amphitheater (Third Floor) Privacy – how much is it worth? Panel Discussion

Do you have the RIGHT to privacy? Is privacy IMPORTANT to you? Is PRIVACY for real? 

Come join us for a moderated conversation on the value of privacy and challenges in the digital age. (with Q&A time!)    

Questions about these events? Contact us at [email protected]