Communications Policies

Communications policies focus on topics related to the use of external advertising and social media to promote the university and licensing and trademark requirements for the usage of the GW logo, seal, and wordmark.  The intended audience for these policies includes students, faculty, and staff.

Social Media (PDF)

Social media provide opportunities for members of the university community to share information and knowledge and to foster learning, innovation, collaboration and research. It is the policy of the university that the use of social media be consistent with its commitment to academic freedom and university values and promote thoughtful discourse on appropriate matters.

This policy applies to all social media use on behalf of the university; social media content created or posted on university-sponsored websites and social media accounts; and social media content created or posted by members of the university community in a personal capacity, if that content incorrectly creates an appearance of an endorsement by the university or violates applicable law or university policies.

Advertising Placement (PDF)

All departments that purchase advertisements in any format, including print, television, radio, out-of-home, digital banners, search engine marketing and social media, are required to place those ads through the University Advertising Department.

The only ads that do not require purchase through the University Advertising Department are certain employment ads and ads paid for by a third party.

The creative design and content for ads paid for by a third party must be reviewed by the University Advertising Department before publication or broadcast by the third party to ensure adherence to brand standards and guidelines.

Commercial Advertising (PDF)

Commercial advertising (revenue generating) by external entities on university property or in university publications or electronic media requires prior approval by External Relations and the Tax Department.

Licensing and Trademark (PDF)

Any individual or organization from the university community interested in using the George Washington University name, wordmarks or logos on merchandise must obtain pre-approval from the Licensing and Trademarks Program, use a licensed vendor and comply with the requirements and guidelines set forth in this policy and in the George Washington University Name, Wordmark, Seal and Color Usage Policy.

Media Policy (PDF)

All engagements with media representatives on behalf of the George Washington University are to be coordinated by the Office of Media Relations in order to promote and protect the public image of the university, build openness and accountability and respect the media's legitimate and useful role.

This policy provides guidance on official media roles within the university and on working with traditional and social media outlets. For additional guidance contact the Office of Media Relations.

The George Washington University Name, Wordmark, Seal and Color Usage (PDF)

Proper usage of the George Washington University name, logos, seal and colors is important to the image and integrity of the university. All GW schools, departments and organizations must use the university’s logos and follow this policy and the GW Identity Standards & Guidelines to ensure that all entities at the university are presented in a unified visual style.

Similarly, non-GW entities may only use the GW logos with permission granted by a sponsoring department and the Division of External Relations in coordination with the Office of the Senior Vice President and General Counsel. These entities also are bound by the following policy and procedures for proper usage.

GW Web Content (PDF)

It is the policy of the university to promote accurate, current, useful, accessible and attractive university websites, and to promote a unified brand and positive image of the university. All content appearing on university websites must conform to the requirements set forth in this policy.