Acquisition of Computer Hardware and Software


Policy Summary

The George Washington University (hereinafter, “GW” or “the University”) procures computer  hardware  and  software to  support University  divisions  and  schools  in support  of academic  and  research  missions. University  divisions  and  schools  are authorized  to  purchase  computer  hardware  and  software  provided  that (i) the purchases are coordinated with GW Information Technology (“GW IT”), (ii) undergo security  risk  assessments, (iii) are  compatible  with and  not  duplicative  of existing Enterprise Systems and (iv) able to be supported on the university’s network.  This policy provides  requirements  and  guidance  to  divisions  and  schools  for  acquiring university computer hardware and software.

Who is Governed by this Policy 

  • Staff
  • Faculty


I. Acquiring Enterprise Systems

Divisions or schools proposing to purchase computer hardware or software that constitutes an “Enterprise System” as defined under Definitions, must first contact GW IT to assess whether the proposed system is secure, not duplicative of another existing system and can be centrally supported by the university.

II. Acquiring Other Computer Hardware or Software

Any software or hardware to be used on the university network must be reviewed or assessed by GW  Information Security to be secure and  compatible with GW system standards and technical specification by IT prior to the purchase. To check security and compatibility, the division or school must obtain confirmation from IT that the system is compatible with the network, has no required interfaces, is not duplicative, and that no other system meets the division or school’s needs.

III. Non-Conforming Systems

Software or hardware that does not meet the foregoing requirements will not be considered by the university to supportive and/or  adequately  secure. The university will not allocate resources to make non-standard or insufficiently secured systems work, and such systems must not be used. 


Enterprise System:  Computer  hardware or software that is centrally supported, resides on the university network managed by GW IT, or meets one or more of the following  criteria: (1) used  by  more than one division or school; (2) requires an interface with another Enterprise System;  (3) contains financial, managerial, non-public or other sensitive or mission critical information’ and/or (4) requires application support  that the division or school is unable to provide. Examples of  Enterprise Systems include, but are not limited to: Banner, the Kronos time reporting system, and Oracle.

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Contact Phone Number Email Address
IT Support Center (202) 994-4948 [email protected]
Procure-to-Pay (202) 994-2500 [email protected]


Responsible University Official: Chief Information Officer
Responsible Office: GW Information Technology

Last Reviewed: March 6, 2020


Non-compliance with this policy can be reported through this website.