Academic Affairs and Faculty Policies

Academic Affairs & Faculty policies focus on topics related to faculty affairs, specifically related to scholarly work and academic publications.  Also covered in this category is the subject of conflicts of interest for faculty and investigators.

The intended audience for these polices includes students, faculty and staff.

Conflicts of Interest and Commitment for Faculty and Investigators (PDF)

Faculty and investigator activities shall be conducted in a manner that avoids inappropriate conflicts of interest and commitment. Conflicts of interest may occur when there is a divergence between a faculty member's private interests and professional service to the university.

The goal of the university is to establish boundaries within which conflicts of interest are tolerable and beyond which they are intolerable; processes for review of actual and apparent conflicts of interest; and appropriate mechanisms for management of tolerable conflicts of interest.

Copyright (PDF)

The university encourages the creation and publication of scholarly, technical, literary and artistic works as part of its educational mission. Generally, when the faculty, librarians or students, in pursuit of their normal scholarly, professional, or academic responsibilities, including normal use of the university's physical facilities, by their own initiative create copyrightable works, the copyright and any resulting royalties may be claimed by the faculty, librarian, or student as author of the copyrighted work.

However, when a work qualifies as a "Work Made for Hire" or when "Substantial Use" of university resources is involved, the copyright in such work shall be owned by or transferred to the university.

When staff or students create copyrightable works within the scope of their employment duties at the university, the copyright will generally belong to the university.

For faculty and librarians, the university only claims ownership of the copyright if the work qualifies as a Work Made for Hire, or if the work's creation required Substantial Use of university resources.

Patents and Scholarly Works (PDF)

The university seeks to serve the needs of society in the course of pursuing the traditional principles of education and research, as well as patient care. It has dedicated itself and all its resources to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge. It does not pursue knowledge for primarily commercial purposes.

However, the university recognizes that the interest of the inventor(s) and that of the university are better served when inventions and discoveries made by university faculty, staff or students are developed to the point of practical application.

The university's Policy on Patents and Scholarly Works is intended to facilitate that objective.

The university's Policy on Patents and Scholarly Works applies to all faculty, staff and students of the university. While it imposes certain obligations on faculty, staff, and students who conduct research, the purpose of this document is to adopt an inventor-friendly process in dealing with patents and scholarly works.